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Sugoroku is a mirror which reflects manners, customs and common values of the ages. "Perfection" represents the dreams, admiration and hopes of the ages so clearly that you ca n figure out how the people thought. Why not touch the human warms through the nostalgic Sugoroku at the very days of computer games now?

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President's Note

Welcome to the SUGOROKU-NET page promoted by Tsukiji Sugoroku Museum. Sugoroku is a game with which you can step one block by one from start to the end of various stories using a dice.

Sugoroku has become popular about 300 years ago and still remains even today in Japan. There are so many fantastic, dramatic and a bit retrospective sceneries in Sugoroku.
Please enjoy yourself in our museum and feel free to comment on this page. You are welcome always here.

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Enjoy yourself with the taste of Sugoroku entirely

Lecture of reading Toridukushi-Hatsune-Sugoroku!

Clearing up the roots of Sugoroku
10. You are the

th Sugorokian.

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