Announcement of Publication

Prof. X. Jie Yang, an associate professor of University of Calgary and our museum staff, has made his new book public. Please have a look on it! It features a tale where a noble in Heian Era played Sugoroku with a demon.

Oni no iru Fukei - Haseo Zoshi ni Miru Chusei (Demons Once Were Real - Reading The Middle Age On The Tale Of Lord Haseo
Author: X. Jie Yang

Kadokawa Serials  ¥2,700

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A woman has melted herself down to water! It recalls "the Middle Age" vividly from the strange story developments drawn in a picture scroll.

"Haseo-zoshi", a picture scroll where strange and unbelievable stories were drawn realistically and so vividly, whose hero is Ki-no-haseo who won a beautiful woman from a demon through a game Sugoroku once in early Heian Era. It enrolls so many "secret agreements" recognized implicitly between the painter and the readers of the age of its creation. This book reads its program structure out from the readers' view point at the age being presumed and estimated by the author. It revives the peoples' life of the Middle Age so lively in today of 21st century.