The Memorial Campaign of our English Version!

Please send your opinions, comments on our site and the prize you like with in May. We present you the following gifts by a drawing! Mail format is Here

Prize A・・・・・for 5 happy Sugorokians

Book "Oni no iru Fukei - Haseo Zoshi ni Miru Chusei (Demons Once Were Real - Reading The Middle Age On The Tale of Lord Haseo)"
Author: X. Jie Yang, Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten

Prize B・・・・・for 5 happy Sugorokians

Kinchaku Pouch in Edo Style with your NAME printed on! specially made by Tsukiji Sugoroku Museum

The happy winner Sugorokians' list shall appear on this site around the middle of June, so your entry is warmly welcome here.